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Ventured to the moon.

Reveal what we must preserve to ensure people and nature thrive.

Over half of all the world's trees evergreen and deciduous stand in these great assemblies.

Forests do have an astonishing ability to recover.

There are the most intimate pictures of them in the wild yet taken.

Wild boar depend on these nuts.

Poaching has taken the Siberian tiger to the brink of extinction.

These rare glimpses reveal that ...

Their feature still depends on having vast areas of forest in which to hunt.

XXX making it a vital element in the fight against climate change.

Growth is at a standstill.

Many are dependent on the supplement to be found in its rivers.

There are big enough to try and claim a place on the river.

At first, all she can get are the scraps left by others.

The boreal forests may be vast, but the places where the salmon spawn are known to all the predators.

As the rivers begin to freeze over, Competition becomes even more intense.

Her success is noticed immediately.

in one of the greatest and harshest forests on Earth.

The older, well-established redwoods have survived by their thick fire-resistant bark.

They distribute the seeds, which will emerge unscathed with their droppings.

But it's not a free-for-all.

A single fig tree in fruit attracts great numbers of hornbills.

This aerial jousting between males has never been filmed before.

It may be that the birds are simply squabbling over food.

The winner is able to demonstrate his strength and skill to visiting females.

The males certainly keen to ingratiate themselves.

The forest also benefits from these quabbles, because even a defented hornbill will spread seeds over wide areas as he searches for his next meal.

Elephants prefer grass if they can get it. It's very nutritious. In its absence, They browse on the abundant leaves and branches of the Miombo.

They feed so voraciously.

By the time they're fully developed, this million-strong army will have stripped the entire forest of its foliage.

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