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Are You Struggling to Deal with Difficult People?

Part of Sadhguru's speech

The moment you decide this is a good person, this is a bad person this has gone deep into american society.

There are no good people and bad bad people. Everybody is oscillating between the two. If you create a very pleasant wonderful atmosphere, everybody behaves wonderfully. If you create an unpleasant atmosphere, a whole lot of people act nasty.

yes or no?

There are joyful people and miserable people but there are no good people and bad people.

The moment we think we are good, we are entitled to destroy the bad. Isn't it? We have been destropying a lot of people for a long time. Time to stop that, because human beings are in defferent levels of experience and understanding. Variety of people. Anybody who is not like is obviously bad isn't is? So those who are not like me must be bad people because the basis of goodness and what you think is goodness is decided by you.

No, you have no business to do that.

Willing means this I am just willing, I am a hundred percent yes to life. I am no yes to this one no to do this one, no, I am just yes and yes to life. If you are one hundard percent yes to life, you are a volunteer, you have become a willing life, you have become so willing that you have no will of your own.

People asked me Sadhguru how do you operate with all these people all kinds of horrible questions they are asking they are doing this they are doing that. I said my life is not about them, it's about me. It's about how I am, It's about me, it doesn't matter how they are, that's their choice but how I am is my choice, this is my way. No matter what they do, I am like this because I am not given that freedom to anybody that somebody can freak me, somebody can make me angry, somebody can make me happy and somebody can make me unhappy. These privileges I kept to myself. It's time you do this too, because if somebody else can decide what can happen within you right now, isn't this ultimate slavery? Isn't this? Someone else can decide what should happen within you, what happens around you of course so many people decide what happens around us is not a hundred percent ours. But what happens within me must be my making isn't it?

Right now just about anybody can freak anybody because they are not volunteers, thery are unwilling. Volunteering means you have no will of your own, you can do whatever is needed. You know we are a volunteer organization, this means all kinds people. Most of them are not qualified for the jobs they are doing and I cannot fire them because they are volunteers.